Why are my videos / thumbnails not showing in PHPmotion?

First of all, make sure that your folder uploads/thumbs have a permission of "777".

If the above trick does not fix your issue, check your PHPmotion log file, which is created in the folder /logs under your PHPmotion folder. This will tell you the exact error that is causing this problem. To enable logging, do the following:

Step-1) Edit the file classes/ and change logging to yes as shown below:

$log_encoder = "yes";  //change to "yes" to create a log file of encoding (created in /logs)

Step-2) Upload a video and then download the log file. Check the log file to know what exactly is going on.

Step-3) Take corrective action based on the error shown in your log file. If you are unable to resolve it, please post a Support Ticket for us and we will help you out. Remember to mention the path of your log file in your ticket.

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